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Shergaon, Arunachal Pradesh - Homestays, Places to Visit

Shergaon, Arunachal Pradesh – Homestays, Places to Visit

Shergaon (locally known as Seinthuk) is a charming and less explored hill town in Arunachal Pradesh with lazy brooks meandering amidst glistening pebbles and fruit-bearing trees.

The hilly hamlet is a peaceful destination and is a good fit for anyone looking for a perfect sole.

There are almost 3000 residents in this village with a fine blend of culture and tradition among them.


The people and the scenic beauty that surrounds the village are a few reasons why Shergaon is gradually gaining popularity as a renowned tourist spot in North East India.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about Shergaon,

Let’s see each of these points in detail….

How to reach Shergaon

The locals have long enjoyed close ties to Assam. Therefore, you can reach Shergao easily from Guwahati. It is approximately 231 kilometers from there.

The roads are quite in a good condition and you can easily reach Shergao without any hassles.

Shergao can be reached in less than 4 hours through a smooth highway.


You can see vistas of the North East Himalayas while you are on your way from Guwahati to Shergao.

You can easily get many private cabs at Guwahati that go to Shergao.

If you are traveling by air, you can reach Guwahati Airport and from there you can avail of cabs to reach Shergao.

You can also find a few Dhabas and eateries where you can have some food and refreshments during your journey.

About Shergaon

Shergaon is a village located on the margins of hilly roads. 

It is rapidly growing into a town. 

The peaceful region surrounding this place is the homeland of the Sherdukpemn tribes. 

The village of Shergao is a collection of chalet-like structures made primarily of stone, with some timber and bamboo matting added for structural support.

The Barali is located in a broader valley to the northeast of this lush basin where several minor streams accumulate that originate from the collapsed hills. 

Shergao is perched atop the bowl’s arching terrace which overlooks the streams and rivers flowing nearby it.

A forest of blue pines, red rhododendrons, and green oaks surround it rewarding it with bounties.

The hilly village looks fuller with wildflowers and various trees.


Even though Shergaon (also known locally as Seinthuk) is unknown to many today, colonial adventurers pillaged this area in the 19th and early 20th centuries (Mostly to find ways of reaching Tibet).

The roads are in better condition and the concrete structures are making rapid developments here.

The area is crisscrossed by many streams. The small valley is bordered by lush jungles and mountains. The Shergaon, Rupa, and Jigoan are the main villages of Sherdukpens. 

The Sherdukpens have also engaged in the cultivation of apples, plums, oranges, persimmons, and many more.

It has been possible to harvest so many fruit crops here due to the fertile land. 

Honey collection is also an important part of their livelihood. Sherdukpens are also known for their honey-hunting skills. 

About the Community

The Shertukpen or Sherdukpen people are well associated with the folks of Tibet. 

It was said that the ancestor of the Sherdukpen people dates back to a Tibetan Royal who married an Assamese princess and one of their sons later became the ruler of the area. 

Sherdukpens follows Mahayana Buddhism and some local rituals and practices. If you visit here, you can witness the mask dances and other festivals they witness.

They generally belong to the Agrarian Community and are closely associated with the Buguns, Monapas, Kacharis of Assam, and Akas. 

Prime attractions of Shergaon

Zengbu Gompa is the main monastery of the village which is located at a small elevation. It is around 200 years old and is properly maintained by the locals.

The forests surrounding the Gompa, the dance festival practiced here and the traditional attire makes the ambiance around the gompa more peaceful and charming.

Many people visit the monetary to receive blessings from Tara Maa.


Chosokorong waterfall is another hidden treasure in the village that is blessed with rocks and boulders covered in mosses and ferns, networks of trees, and wide streams. You can hike to the origin of the waterfall. 

Colorful red flags hanging over the stream make the place more adorable. 

Things to do in Shergaon

Some of the best things you can do in Shergaon includes,

  1. Stroll around the hamlet to experience the serenity.
  2. Click amazing photos amidst the valleys and meadows filled with wildflowers.
  3. Hike through the narrow paths of the village and mingle with the cheerful Sherdukpen people.
  4. Take amazing photographs of the lush greeneries, streams, and surroundings.
  5. Visit the Zengbu Gompa to feel the spiritual ambiance and receive blessings from Tara Devi.
  6. Witness the traditional dance festival and admire the beauty of the traditional attire of the Sherdukpen Dancers.
  7. Picnicking near the river banks.
  8. Visit the kiwi and the apple orchards.
  9. Enjoy fishing in the river with the local community. 
  10. Try the complimentary homemade beverages.

Best time to visit Shergaon

Shergaon provides an optimal place to experience surreal beauty at any time of the year. 

The best time to visit Shergaon is from November to March. During this time Shergaon will impress you with all the winter delights. The valleys, rivers, and meadows are filled with a cool sensation that soothes the mind and the soul. 

I would recommend you visit Shergaon during the onset of spring when the Shergaon Rhododendron Festival takes place. 


You can get a glimpse of the festival that is associated with traditional dance.

The magical thing which you will observe here is that the trees are covered with beautiful rhododendron, plums, cherry blossoms, and primulas during this time.

Another time which you can visit here is during the auspicious festival of Prido Chepchi. It is a day-long festival observed in June. 

You can see Buddhist Monks performing prayers in the Gompa on this auspicious festival. You can also observe the Baardocham Dance which is being performed here the entire day.

Another favorable time to visit Shergaon is during the summer when the weather remains quite pleasant instead of being too hot or uncomfortable. 

Places to stay in Shergaon

There are a couple of homestays in Shergaon where you can enjoy a comfy stay. A maximum of the Homestays are present in Bomdila from where you can easily reach Shergaon.

Norbu Ga Tsal Homestay and Anu Homestay are a few of them which will offer you all the basic amenities.

The staffs are quite amicable and therefore undoubtedly you can enjoy a beautiful cozy room at affordable rates.

You can also choose to stay at the campsites and be pretty sure you will love the local and traditional cuisines too.


Other places to visit near Shergaon

There are many beautiful attractions near Shergao. Famous destinations like Tawang, Bomdila, Bhalukpong, and Dirang.

Another notable place is the enchanting Chilipam Gompa and Lhagyala Gompa. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to take a short drive from Lhagyala Gompa.

Shergaon is on the verge of a tourism boom. The atmosphere and the beauty of the place make it a perfect place to spend your holidays with your beloved as well.

Tourists must also take utmost care to maintain all the ethics, and cleanliness of the hamlet and carry out all the activities in a sustainable manner.

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