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Top 6 Cheapest Cities To Live In Italy In 2023

Top 6 Cheapest Cities To Live In Italy In 2023

Although Italy has some of the highest standards of living in the world, it is still feasible to live modestly in the beautiful land of pizza.

This is possible in small towns, villages, the countryside, and in some cities.


For instance, living expenses in small southern towns of Italy are roughly half those in Milan, Turin, Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Venice, or Rome.

In this article, you will get to know about the following cheap cities to live in Italy,

  1. Naples
  2. Lecce
  3. Turin
  4. Matera
  5. Padova
  6. Palermo

Let us explore each of these beautiful yet affordable provinces.

1. Naples

Naples, Italy

Naples is the least expensive of Italy’s major cities. It is located on the Bay of Naples in the southern part. It is also the regional capital of Campania and, after Rome and Milan, the third largest city in Italy.

Naples is well-known for its food, art, culture, and old architecture, and also known as the pizza hub.


Despite its popularity as a tourist destination, Naples offers a meager cost of living, depending on where you choose to live. There are also a large number of ex-pats to network with.

Even renting in Naples is 50% cheaper than in Rome.

All other aspects like groceries, dining out, and transport is also much cheaper than in other major cities worldwide.

The cost of living in Naples is around €1,400 per month* for a single person.

2. Lecce

Lecce, Italy

Lecce is a medium-sized city in the region of Apulia, better known as Puglia. The city is well-known for its monuments with baroque architecture.

It is a gorgeous region and has some of the most affordable areas. This place is only an hour away from the beach.

The 2,000-year-old city has long been regarded as the region’s cultural center. It’s an elegant yet lively city to settle down in.

Lecce is known as the “Florence of the South” because it boasts many appealing structures, churches, castles, and museums. This city attracts those who appreciate history and architecture.

Rent becomes less expensive as you go further inland from the Adriatic shore. The living cost further falls during the winter season.

The cost of living in Leece is around €1,400 per month* for a single person.

3. Turin

Turin, Italy

Turin or Torino may be your best option if you want to live in a big city but can’t afford the extra few hundred Euros that would cost to live in Rome or Milan.

It is Italy’s fourth-largest city, with a population of close to one million. Its stunning location in the prosperous northern region of Italy is surprisingly inexpensive to live in. Aside from the usual amenities and benefits of living in a large city, Turin’s location at the foot of the Italian Alps provides opportunities for setting out and enjoying nature.


This city is an ideal place for sports enthusiasts. It hosted the Winter Olympics in 2006 and has many excellent skiing options during the winter and hiking opportunities in the summer.

While it lacks the allure of Rome or Florence, Turin remains a desirable place to live. It is known for its Baroque architecture and is the home of Juventus, Italy’s most successful football club.

Turin’s status as one of the major hubs for technology and industry is also significant for those looking for a long-term stay, as these sectors will probably grow in the coming years.

The cost of living in Turin is around €1,300 per month* for a single person.

4. Matera

Matera, Italy

The magnificent city of Matera is affordable for those looking for a historical town with a slow-paced intimate community. It is situated in the small region of Basilicata in a remote corner of southern Italy.

Matera is known for its rich cultural heritage. Some parts of the city, such as its cave dwellings, have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Furthermore, the cave dwellings have evolved into a historic tourism destination, with hotels, small museums, and restaurants.

It is also notable for its breathtaking scenery and chic cave hotels. It is the oldest of its kind in Italy and the world, dating back almost 5,000 years.

The surrounding terrain is made up mostly of rocky hills and charming vistas of mountains. It has dramatic peaks, billowing wheat fields, and panoramic views of nature that look no less than a paradise.

The urban life here is quite vibrant and energetic. The surrounding ambiance is beautiful, making it an ideal place for weekend getaways for city dwellers.

The cost of living in Matera is estimated to be around €1,200 per month* for a single person.

5. Padova

Padova, Italy

Padova (AKA Padua) is a city in Italy that strikes a good balance between affordability and a high standard of living.

You can get the Venetian experience without dealing with the high cost of living in one of the world’s most traveled cities. It is about 40 kilometers from Venice and has pretty good rail networks.

Padova has a lot to offer on its own. It is a historic town with piazzas, bridges, and narrow old streets that is ideal for those who prefer smaller, less hectic cities.


The cost of living in this famous Italian city will widely vary from person to person. Once you start to live in this city, you can get an insight into the cultural and economic aspects of Northeastern Italy.

The city is home to renowned scholars, Italy’s second oldest university, and beautiful and biggest squares.

City dwellers also visit some of the art heritages, religious buildings, and other architectural wonders on holidays.

Estimated monthly living expenses in Padua are around €1,300 per month* for a single person.

6. Palermo

Palermo, Italy

Sicily is your best bet if you are looking for the cheapest place to live in Italy. It is the largest Mediterranean island and offers a much warmer climate, similar to Turin in the north.

Catania and Messina are viable low-cost options for living on the island, but Palermo is the largest Sicilian city and the fifth largest in Italy.

It may not be the most beautiful city but known as the island’s transportation hub. Therefore it is easy to get around and explore everything Sicily offers while still enjoying the benefits of city life.

While you may need to consider the limited job opportunities and lower wages here, anyone working remotely will save a lot of money by relocating to Palermo in Sicily.

The cost of living in Palermo is around €1,100 per month* for a single person.

These are some of the cheapest cities to live in in Italy.

Italy is one of the most desirable locations in Europe for people looking to relocate. It has one of the best cuisines in the world, along with a tonne of charm and history.

These cost-effective Italian cities offer the best value for money while maintaining a high standard of living.

*The cost of living mentioned is an estimation based on various available sources and may vary.

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