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Gudibande Fort, Karnataka - History, Trek, Location

Gudibande Fort, Karnataka – History, Trek, Location

Karnataka is wrapped in rich history, culture, and architecture.

There are many things to explore in and around the capital city Bangalore.

A day-long drive from the city can take you to impressive places like forts, temples, and rivers.


Gudibande Fort is one such fort that is almost a 100 km drive from Bangalore.

It is one of the ancient forts near Bangalore and is a serene destination to experience perfect solitude.

In this article, you will get to know the following points about the Gudibande Fort,

Let’s see each of these points in detail…

History of Gudibande Fort

Clicker009, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Gudibande fort is approximately 400 years old.

The Gudibande Fort is beautifully carved out of the rocky terrain.

It was built by Byre Gowda who was a local Cheiftanm in the 17th century.

He was also a yogi of the Tuluva Dynasty of the Vijaynagar Empire.

Hats off to the artist who created this divine and flawless piece of art and architecture!


How to reach Gudibande Fort

If you are residing outside Bangalore then it will be a good decision to fly to Bangalore or board a train to reach Bangalore.

The nearest railway and airport are present in Bangalore.

After reaching the city you can hire a taxi or cab to reach the destination.

You can reach Gundibande Fort via the Bangalore-Hyderabad highway until you reach the Chikkaballapur district.

Then you can take the village road to reach Gudibande Fort.

The place is almost 100 km away from Bangalore.

The euphoric weekend destination to this landmark will take you through the smooth roads of the Chikkaballapur District.


Some signboards will guide you to the fort.

Another road which you can take is the Mysore Hassan Road.

Traveling through this road may provide you with pleasant weather and more soothing views of the Western Ghats.

Things to do in Gudibande Fort

There are a few activities that you can do in Gudibande Fort.

1. Explore the fort

Tranquility prevails in the fort as well as in the surroundings.

The most striking feature of the fort is that the escape pathways are all interconnected which provided a more easy way for the soldiers to escape during the emergency in the battles.

The place also draws the attention of the visitors with the sculpted art and stone carvings of the cave.

The view of sunsets from the top of the fort creates a spectacular view and it is a memory to cherish forever.

19 rock ponds are constructed at different levels of the fort to harvest rainwater.

The Byrasagara Lake is also a tranquil lake and a popular attraction near Gudibande Fort.

You can also watch this reservoir from the hill atop.


2. Enjoy the stunning views

The quiet surroundings of hillocks and green grasslands surround the Gudibande Fort.

The surroundings and environment make a perfect background for lovely photo backdrops.

The natural beauty of the fort squeezes every little sweetness of the place.

The sensational beauty of the place can make you feel relaxed.

Energize yourself and set out for the fort trip for a peaceful weekend in Bangalore. It will surely mesmerize you.

The 360-degree views of the landscape from the surrounding pathways of the fort can seize your tiredness and anxiety and add a spirit to your soul.

The mild breeze releases the weariness of the soul and body.

3. Trekking

The term Gudibande means “Temple on the hill” in Telugu.

If you love adventures and are wanderlust then trekking will be a perfect activity for you.

It takes time to climb up the treacherous rock cliff but trust me it is very enjoyable.

Trekkers generally take 30-45 minutes for succeeding up to the fort.


4. Visit the temple

An old Shiva and Parvati temple, known as Sri Rameshwara temple is located at the top of the fort.

The Shivalingam present is believed to be one of the 108 jyotirlingas in India.

It is believed that Sri Rameshwara Temple was built by Sage Vishwamitra and Lord Rama.

The views from the top are enticing that draw many visitors.

Best Time to visit Gudibande Fort

You can visit Gudibande Fort any day.

The weather here remains calm and pleasant throughout the year.

You can visit here in any season, but I feel the spring and autumn seasons are the best time to experience the view of nature here.

I would recommend that, if you are planning for a trip to Gudibande try to start your journey as early as possible because, after the daylight breaks, it becomes difficult to climb up the fort.


Trekking uphill can make you tired and squeeze all your energy and sweat out of your body.

Make sure to carry a hat before going to the fort.

During the noon the weather gets extremely hot and it is hard to stay there bareheaded.

You must also carry plenty of water and food to quench your thirst and meet your hunger, because you may not find any stalls or vendors uphill.

Places to stay near Gudibande Fort

If you are planning only a day trip journey you can stay in Bangalore or you can plan an overnight stay in Hotel Swagat Delicacay on the national highway.

The Dhabas near Gudibande Fort is good choices for having snacks or meals.

There are a few good hotels too, but the price of the food items is quite expensive.

So you have to plan your food and accommodation accordingly.

Places to visit near Gudibande

You can visit other places near Gudibande Fort.

The popular tourist attractions include Lepakshi Temple and Avallabetta Hill.

The popular Hindu temples which are near this Fort are Narasimha Swamy Temple and Surasadmagiri Temple.


There are many temples like this that are dedicated to Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati.

There are also some outstanding heritage sites near Gudibande Fort.

Gundibande fort is a perfect destination to experience solitude, and peace and view the divine landscape.

A very ideal place for trekkers, Gudibande Fort is also a perfect destination for a weekend trip with friends and families.

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