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Top 6 Things To Do In Gothenburg During Winter

Top 6 Things To Do In Gothenburg During Winter

Gothenburg has the most beautiful winter compared to the other parts of Sweden.

The mildness makes it one of the suitable destinations to explore Swedish culture, holiday traditions, winter cuisines, and much more.


At this time of the year, Gothenburg is dressed differently with all the glimmering Christmas lights and the snowy atmosphere.

In this article, you will get to know about the following things you can do in Gothenburg during winter,

  1. Time traveling in the district of Haga
  2. Chilling by the archipelago
  3. Gothenburg Museum of Art
  4. Tobogganing at Brudarebacken
  5. Enjoy Christmas at Liseberg
  6. Berzelli Choklad and Alkemisten Coffee Bar

Let’s see each of these in detail.

1. Time traveling in the district of Haga

District of Haga, Gothenburg

The wooden houses and the cobbled paths will take you back in time. The antique shops, historical buildings, and art galleries date back to the 18th century.

This charming area has pubs and soft candlelight cafes with a terraced yard that imparts a perfect bohemian feel around the Jarntorget square. The air here smells of cinnamon buns, the bakeries bake them fresh, and the feeling is extraordinary.


You will also find the chocolatier Brautigam’s run by a family, and the business has been running for more than 150 years.

It’s crazy when you go to this place and feel the aged atmosphere and the surrounding in this era.

2. Chilling by the archipelago

Archipelago of Gothenburg

The archipelagos are the ideal place to relax and be aside from the crowded life. The southern archipelago is car-free and is near the city. It’s a stunning place to be at peace and dive deep into the Swedish shoreside culture.

Walking along the trails close to the sea, through the charming fishing villages, and indulging in the natural beauty, is calming.

You can also explore the islands. At Donso island, you can climb to the top of Radarberget hill and look at the mesmerizing view of the entire archipelago. Star is a southern island with beautiful, safe sandy beaches and seafront, and the water is perfectly secure to swim in.

You can also try out various fishing sports if you love them or want to try your hands on them. Winter swimming is also very popular at Dyron.

3. Gothenburg Museum of Art

The structure is a masterpiece located in Gotaplatsen, Gothenburg, Sweden. It has the most elite art collections in the Northern part of Europe.

The museum displays the works of masters, including Picasso, Van Gogh, and Rembrandt, shoulder to shoulder. It also portrays the work of contemporary artists like Charlotte Gyllenhammar, Cajsa von Zeipel, and Lina Selander.


The museum store also has gifts, in case you want to buy any of them. You can visit the museum store if you are fascinated by art, photography, fashion, popular culture, and architecture.

4. Tobogganing at Brudarebacken

A toboggan in snow

Tobogganing is a different experience for you can have. The ski slope is perfectly inclined to a proper barking zone at the end. 

This is sliding over the beautiful white snow while you are seated on a Toboggan. 

From the slope, you will have a great view of the forests of Delsjo Nature reserve and the city.

You can reach there either by walking to the nearest tram station at Topelsgatan and taking a tram, or you can avail a car.

When you are done with all the fun of tobogganing, go for cross-country skiing at the Delsjo Nature Reserve. 

When the snow starts to fall, there are enormous networks of exercise trails for perfect cross-country skiing.

5. Enjoy Christmas at Liseberg


Christmas in Liseberg is like a fairy tale coming into real life. The amusement park and the Christmas market become the best coupe to enjoy and vibe.

To shop for Christmas in the beautifully lighted Christmassy market, sipping hot chocolate, and many other authentic traditions can be experienced. Christmas foods, chatting with the locals and celebrating as per their tradition, playing fun games, and so many other fun things can be enjoyed here.


In the market, you can also enjoy a beautiful ice show, pocket-friendly ice skating, and a chance to make your wish to the big man with a white beard and mustache himself!

6. Berzelli Choklad and Alkemisten Coffee Bar

One of the most indulging things, at least for me, is to taste different kinds of chocolates on a beautiful, peaceful evening. 

Berzelli Choklad arranges chocolate tasting and offers a lunch menu. It also provides exceptional chocolates that you can buy and take home.

The flavors and the ingredients are authentic and palatable. The aroma is mouth-watering.

After all the chocolate tasting, if you want to sip on some award-winning coffee, you can visit Alkemisten, a coffee bar outside the Market Hall at Vagmastareplatsen. Their coffee is exceptional. They are very selective about their beans, which come directly from the farm to the cups.

Coffee always makes one feel at peace, especially during the winter months. 

A cup full, with a cozy environment, soft music, window side couch, and candlelit atmosphere, literally the heaven everyone craves for. 

Visit this place once and taste their delicious coffee with some yummy dessert. 

These are some of the things to do during winter in Gothenburg.

This winter, plan a visit to look into this beautiful place with your family, friends, and loved ones and make the most of this time of the year. 

I’m pretty sure you will love it.

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