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Top 8 Gorgeous Waterfalls To Visit in Kerala In 2023

Top 8 Gorgeous Waterfalls To Visit in Kerala In 2023

Kerala offers us every form of nature’s beauty. The place is brimming with backwaters, palm-fringed beaches, lush mountain ranges, tea and coffee plantations, lakes, waterfalls, and much more.


This state is also known as ‘God’s own country.’

In this article, you will get to know about the following waterfalls in Kerala,

  1. Athirappilly Waterfalls
  2. Thommankuthu Waterfalls
  3. Palaruvi Waterfalls
  4. Meenmutty Waterfalls
  5. Anayadikuthu Waterfalls
  6. Thoovanam Waterfalls
  7. Chethalayam Waterfalls
  8. Powerhouse Waterfalls

Let’s see each of these waterfalls in detail.

1. Athirappilly Waterfalls

Athirappilly Waterfalls
LocationPariyaram, Kerala
Height25 m
Timings08:00 AM – 06:00 PM

Offering the splendid vista of the Sholayar hills, the Athirappilly Waterfalls are the largest in Kerala. It emerges from the Anaimalai ranges of the western ghats and is located in Athirappilly panchayat, in the district of Thrissur.

The water outpours around big chunks of rocks and streams down in three pinions. The site is a famed location for movie shootings.

The pristine nature and the calm atmosphere are perfect for a relaxing outing. Get into the natural pools at the top of the waterfall and unwind in nature’s lap.


The surrounding dense woodland is home to the endemic Hornbill species.

Often goes by the name ‘Niagra of India’ to is a marvelous region attracting tourists from all over the world.

Trekking by the giant pathways, relaxing by the waters, posing and recreating the movie scenes, and a Jungle safari in the rainforest can be relished when visiting the site.

2. Thommankuthu Waterfalls

LocationIdukki, Kerala
Height40 m
Timings08:00 AM – 06:00 PM

Thommankuthu Waterfalls is a scenic spot in the Idukki district close to Thodupuzha. It is in the woods and is the best place to be amidst nature.

The jungle landscape, with trails for hiking, is loved by adventure enthusiasts. It is adored for its seven-step cascade and is a less explored place.

The sound of the roaring water hits you from afar. On the way toward the fall, you will come across a few wooden tree houses. The site is very admirable and quite mesmerizing.

The Thommankuthu waterfalls stretch for about 5 kilometers and consist of 12 falls, all varying in height. It covers tea plantations and lush green forests. The scenery is excellent as the white ribbons flow and gush amid the green.

Trekking trails of 12 kilometers are there deep in the internals of the woodland and can be accessed with the help of a local guide.

3. Palaruvi Waterfalls

Palaruvi Waterfalls
LocationPalaruvi, Kerala
Height91 m
Timings08:00 AM – 04:00 PM

The milky streams of the Palaruvi waterfalls splashing down on the rocks and flowing through the trees and shrubs are a sight to behold.

Sited in the lovely hamlet of Aryankavu in the Kollam district, the rustic appearance of the surrounding atmosphere is an elating experience.


The cold waters of the fall are an excellent medicine for relieving all the stress. The rugged landscape winding the waterfall makes it much more enthralling to witness.

Make your way through the rocky paths before reaching the waterfall. It’s a perfect place to plan a picnic at. Swim in the water, and do not forget to click tons of pictures.

Visit after the rainy months to get the best of the place.

4. Meenmutty Waterfalls

Meenmutty Waterfalls
LocationKallar, Kerala
Height90 m
Timings09:00 AM – 05:30 PM

The Meenmutty Waterfalls elevate up to 300 meters and are situated in the district of Wayanad, Kerala. The water gushes down through different tires and gives a magical view of the surrounding.

It is gracefully placed in the interiors of a lush forest and flows down a rocky terrain. The varying height of the fall can be reached in a few different ways.

The first tire is half a kilometer from the entrance and can be easily reached by walking. This tire flows directly into the pool of water.

To reach the second tire, trekking is an option. It’s fun to walk on the rocky landscape, although you must be careful as the boulders are slippery due to the spraying waters. The view of the wild is charming from this tire.

The third one ascends steeply and is a bit tough to trek on. It can be climbed using ropes and takes about 12-15 minutes to reach the top. It takes effort, but that is worth the scenic panorama that can be witnessed there. The Banasura Sagar Dam can be seen clearly.

Dip into the clean water and swim to refresh yourself. It’s a beautiful spot to be at and is perfect for a day trip.

5. Anayadikuthu Waterfalls

Anayadikuthu Waterfalls
LocationIdukki, Kerala
Timings05:00 AM – 06:00 PM

Anayadikuthu Waterfalls is a hidden gem in the Idukki district and is a bit tricky to discover. The enchanting waterfall fills nature with its music and look.

To reach the falls, follow the route towards the Thommankuthu falls. The landscape is stunning, with flowing water and rich greenery. The cascading water crushes on the rocks, splashing water all over the place.


The atmosphere is delightful and is perfect for friends or family outings. Walk up to the fall and enjoy the scenery. You can even pop under the sheets of water that fall into the pool and enjoy a natural shower.

The serene environment takes away all the stress of daily life and takes over the mind with peace and happiness. Avoid visiting during the monsoon months as the water level increases and the area remains slippery.

6. Thoovanam Waterfalls

LocationMarayoor, Kerala
Height26 m
Timings07:00 AM – 10:00 AM, 03:00 PM – 06:00 PM

Trekking through the trails to reach Thoovanam Falls is an admiring journey. It is one of the most captivating falls in Kerala and is situated 50 kilometers from Munnar.

The waterfall is created from the Pambar River, and tranquillity engulfs the place.

As the fall is sited inside the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, nature is brimming with flora and fauna. Walking in the wild and looking at the Sandalwood Forest and the picturesque waterfall is magical.

Get into the perfectly transparent river water and swim to your heart’s content. The place is camera perfect. You will also be able to camp in the untamed landscape.

Log houses are also available. You can opt for them if you want to spend more time in nature and close to the waterfall.

Explore the place and go deeper into the wildness.

7. Chethalayam Waterfalls

LocationKidanganad, Kerala
Height300 m
Timings06:00 AM – 05:00 PM

Chethalayam Waterfalls are a seasonal waterfall that is getting recognition due to its mesmerizing atmosphere. It is situated in Sulthan Bathery, Wayanad.

Trekking trails wrap up the waterfall, and the scenes are excellent from there. Exotic flora fills the place, giving it a perfect site for picnics. The blue waters amidst the rolling slopes are a treat to the eyes.


One trek up to the waterfalls is about 4 kilometers. A visitor’s pass is required to get to the waterfalls and can be obtained from the forest range officer.

Numerous vantage points near the fall are good spots for bird watching. The best time to visit the waterfall is after the monsoon months, as it comes to life during this time.

8. Powerhouse Waterfalls

LocationMunnar, Kerala
Timings06:00 AM – 05:30 PM

Dropping down from an elevation of 2000 meters, the Powerhouse waterfall is placed in the western mountains. It is at Munnar, Idukki district.

This falls also goes by the name Chinnakanal waterfalls and originates from Sita Devi Kulam Lake, the one believed to be sacred and is also called the ‘Lake of Goddess.’

Capture the mesmerizing raw form of nature in front of you and get the thrill from standing under the freely falling water sheets. The richness of vegetation is seen in the nature enveloping the waterfall.

The tall trees, spraying water, nature’s fragrance, and falling sun rays make the site look like paradise. The sacred water falling through the rocks is believed to possess healing powers, and you can dip into it to rejuvenate yourself.

Trekking down the hills can also be done to reach the falls. If you are visiting Munnar, drop by this magnificent site and take a break from your journey.

So what do you think of these magical waterfalls in Kerala? The stunning glory of each of them is always a treat to the eyes.

Sketch out a perfect tour of these splendid places with your friends and family, or maybe solo if you want to go deeper and explore.

*Height and timings of the waterfall are from public sources and may vary.

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