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9 Best Places for Trekking Near Mumbai & Pune (Maharashtra)

9 Best Places for Trekking Near Mumbai & Pune (Maharashtra)

Trekking is one of the thrilling and adventurous ways to explore nature.

There are a lot of trekking routes in Maharashtra (near Mumbai and Pune) that offer a whole lot of excitement all throughout the year.

The lush green valleys and forests, long meandering streams, and seasonal waterfalls flowing down the mountain slope are a source of refreshment from the busy schedules of urban life.


The ruins of forts and caves are also part of these amazing trekking routes and are often visited by history buffs.

In this article, you will get to know about some of the places for trekking in Maharashtra,

  1. Bhimashankar Trek
  2. Devkund Waterfall Trek
  3. Nanemachi Waterfalls
  4. Ratangad Trek
  5. Harishchandragad Trek
  6. Kalsubai Trek
  7. Torna Trek
  8. Duke’s Nose Trek
  9. One Tree Hill Trek

Let’s see a little bit more about these famous trekking routes…

1. Bhimashankar Trek

Trek Distance8 Kms
Time Required4 Hours (Easy route: 25 min)

Bhimashankar Trek is one of the favorite routes among trekkers, especially during the monsoons.

The trek will take you to the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary.

While trekking you can spot numerous birds and wildlife such as langurs, and spotted deer. You can also see a rare species known as ‘Shekru’ or the Malabar Giant Squirrel here.


While trekking you will also come across wonderful vistas of steep rocks, ladders, green fields, and especially the beautiful Temple of Lord Shiva which is also one of the Jyotirlingas in India.

You can either take the Ganesh Route or Shidi Ghat route depending on which you can experience an easy or moderate trek.

2. Devkund Waterfall Trek

Devopam, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Trek Distance6 km (Each way)
Time Required2 Hours (Each way)

Devkund Waterfall Trek is one of the hidden trekking destinations in Maharashtra. The waterfall is located near Bhira Dam.

Devkund Waterfall is ideal to visit during the winter and monsoons because during this time the surroundings look more charming.

You can witness the beautiful forests, cliffs, and rivers while trekking.

Kundalika River is said to have originated this fall.

The water drops from a height of 80 ft.

The trail type is moderate or easy depending on the route.


3. Nanemachi Waterfalls Trek

Trek Distance6 km
Time Required2 Hours (Each way)

Nanemachi Waterfalls is one of the enchanting waterfalls offering trekkers a wonderful experience.

The falls have a depth of 400 feet and attract trekkers from all over the world due to their charm.

It is a wonderful natural attraction inside the lush green forests of Raigad District.

The peaceful ambiance and the scenic landscapes will supply a few extra packets of energy for trekking to this beautiful waterfall.

The most fascinating things you will see in this waterfall are the varied shades of the pool at the base which makes the fall look more majestic.

You can enjoy the Nanemachi Waterfalls trek at any time throughout the year.

4. Ratangad Trek

Trek Distance6 km
Time Required4 hours

Ratangad trek also provides one of the most fascinating trekking experiences in Maharashtra.

The Hilly fort resides in the Sahyadri Range.

It is located 4255 ft above sea level on the banks of Bhandardara Lake in Ahmednagar District.

The fort is surrounded by great ranges of Kalsubai, Ajoba, Kulang, Alang and Ghanchakkar.

You can witness mesmerizing views of the mountains and lakes while trekking.


Ancient Lord Shiva temple known as Amrutshwar Temple is a 1000 years old temple located at the base of the fort.

Trekkers also get to witness the stunning architecture of the temple.

The base village of Ratangad is Ratanwadi and the difficulty level of Ratangarh’s trek is moderate.

5. Harishchandragad Trek

Tokendra, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Trek DistanceVaries on route
Time RequiredVaries on route

Harishchandragad fort trek is one of the most difficult treks that is situated in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra.

This ancient hill fort built in the 6th century is accessible via Nalichi Vaat, Tarmati Ghal, Khireshwar Route, or Panchnai routes.

While the Nalichi Vaat or Taramati Ghal is quite challenging in monsoons, Pachnai or Khireshwar Routes can be equally exciting and enjoyable.

While trekking you can view and feel the magical aura of the dense forests and fields.

The main attraction of this fort is the Konkan Cliff locally known as “Konkan Kada” which is 1800 feet high concave fall resembling a cobra’s hood.

The spot provides excellent views of the surrounding hills.

The trekking route is easy, moderate, or difficult according to the route you choose.

6. Kalsubai Trek

Addppp, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Trek Distance6.6 km
Time Required4 – 6 hours

Trekking up the 5400 ft Kalsubai peak is one of the wonderful trekking experiences you can have in Maharashtra.

The summit of the peak provides breathtaking views of the natural surroundings all across the Bhandardara such as the beautiful waterfalls, forests, sunrises, and grasslands.

Another reason people enjoy trekking to the Kalsubai peak is due to the sacred Kalsubai Temple.

Many villagers and pilgrims also come here to receive blessings.

It is said that this temple was built to honor a girl who used to cure the villagers with natural ailments.


The trek also offers spectacular views of the forts such as Kulang, Ajoba Parvat, Alang, Madan, and Ratangarh Fort.

Trekking to these wonderful destinations recharges all the trekkers and rewards them with beautiful cloud-covered skylines and a mystical atmosphere.

The ideal time to enjoy a trek to Kalsubai Fort is during the monsoon when the peak is covered with fog and high-speed winds.

The difficulty level of Kalsubai Trek is moderate.

7. Torna Trek

Trek Distance11 km
Time Required3 hours

Torna is the tallest Fort in the Pune area, located at a height of 4603 feet.

A trek to the Torna Fort is the ideal combination of relaxation and excitement.

This fort is also known as Prachandagad and is a popular historical site.

The spectacular vista of the huge sweep of the plain known as Budhala Mache greets you as you enter the Fort’s gate.

You can also enjoy a nighttime trek beneath the stars, that will take your breath away.

The fort is also known for its spooky myths and stories.

Torna fort was the first fort to be captured by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

From here, you can also view the unique peaks of Rajgad, Lingnan, Raigad, and Sinhagad which will give you a thrilling experience.


8. Duke’s Nose Trek

Trek Distance6 km
Time Required4 hours

Duke’s Nose is a spectacular trekking spot near INS Shivaji in Lonavala.

It is also one of the best places to visit near Lonavala.

The place is named after the Duke of Wellington because it resembles the Duke’s nose in a reclining position.

The cliff is also shaped like a snake’s hood, hence it is also known as Nagphani.

The high elevation of this location makes it an excellent adventurous trekking spot.

Not only trekkers, but Photography enthusiasts also visit this place to capture the beautiful frames of nature such as the beautiful gorges and dense forests.

The most attractive thing you can see here is the shifting colors of the sky at sunrise and sunset.

At 3200 feet, you can also relax a bit and enjoy tea and breakfast.

Because of its topography, it is also ideal for exhilarating sports such as rock climbing and camping as well.

9. One Tree Hill Trek

Trek Distance8 km
Time Required4 hours

One tree hill, as the name implies, is a separate location with a solitary Jambhul tree atop.

At 2700 feet, this place is a tranquil spot to relax and unwind in the midst of nature.

One Tree Hill is regarded as Maharashtra’s most picturesque location.

The single tree blooming atop a beautiful green hill surrounded by rich woods of vibrant green shades is certainly a wonderland.

It’s also a haven for trekkers and rock climbers.


Standing on the top of the hill, you can get a mesmerizing view of the Tent Hills, Chowk Village, steep valleys, and extensive forests that surround Matheran.

The route is encircled by the massive Morbe Dam, and the water of the dam glitters as mild sunlight strikes the water surface.

The journey is an easy endurance level excursion and hence is ideal for trekkers of all levels.

Although trekking is a wonderful experience, trekking through the hilly routes can be challenging, especially during the peak monsoon seasons.

So make sure you undertake all the necessary precautions and make your trekking journey a memorable one.

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