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13 Romantic Couple Activities To Do In Kerala (India)

13 Romantic Couple Activities To Do In Kerala (India)

Kerala also referred to as “God’s own country,” is located in India’s southernmost region.

One of India’s most picturesque states, it offers visitors mesmerizing and spectacular sights.


It is also a favorite spot for couples, and Kerala offers numerous things to do to add spice and more life to romantic dates or honeymoons.

In this article, you will get to know about some adorable activities couples can do in Kerala,

  1. Cruise ride at Alleppey
  2. Spend the night at Vythiri
  3. Quality time at a hill station
  4. Walk through the trails
  5. Relax amidst the natural beauty
  6. Explore the Munroe Island
  7. Rejuvenate yourself on the beaches
  8. Enjoy a Malabar Cuisine
  9. Go for some thrills
  10. Explore the wildlife
  11. Seek blessings together at the temples
  12. Propose your spouse at the waterfalls
  13. Plan a trip to the spice capital of India

Let’s see each of these activities in detail.

List of activities to do in Kerala for couples

1. Have a cruise ride together in Alleppey

Alleppey, Kerala

Alleppey is a heavenly tourist destination, also known as the Venice of the East and the Backwater capital of India.

It is known for its bountiful backwaters and peaceful ambiance. Romanticize your date by enjoying a ride on the Allepey Houseboats.


From the cruise or houseboats, you both can witness the mesmerizing beauty of Alleppey, blessed with paddy fields, chapels, fishing villages, lakes with blooming lilies, cobbled roadways, and many more. The beautiful backwaters can surely amaze couples.

You can also visit and relax on Alleppey Beach together.

2. Spend a night at the resort town of Vythiri

Vythiri features an old charm in Kerala that is ideal for a romantic vacation.

The breathtaking destination is a charming resort town with gorgeous tree houses, antique cottages, and log huts. The quaint town encompasses more than 18 villages of Wayanad.

It is ideal for couples looking for solace and waiting to spend together amidst the surreal nature. You both can have an impeccable view of nature as you wake up early in the morning.

You will love to have the freshness of the air and also embrace the beauty of simple rustic lifestyles, cultures, and traditions of the ancient past.

3. Spend quality time in the hill station of Wayanad and Munnar


The picturesque hill towns of Wayanad and Munnar are all about fantasy, the pristine charm of nature, memorable moments, and fun-filled activities.

These places are the exquisite beauty of the greenery that attracts couples every year. Hence they are regarded as popular honeymoon destinations in Kerala.


In addition to Wayanad’s captivating beauty, lovebirds can explore and learn about nature, tea plantations, and history while on this mountainous getaway.

Couples can also talk with the lovely community of the tribes and explore the rich culture and traditions of the hill towns.

4. Walk through the trails of the teak plantations of Nilambur

Nilambur is one of the best locations to visit in Kerala. The enchanting places filled with rainforests and mansion transports visitors to the bygone era.

This small village, nestled on the banks of the Chaliyar River, is sometimes called the “Land of Teak Plantations.” It exemplifies an exquisite fusion of culture and art.

Couples can witness the jaw-dropping natural aura and wilderness while strolling lazily together through the narrow paths of woods bordered by vast teak plantations, rosewoods, mahogany, and Venteak.

5. Relax and unwind amidst the natural beauty of Ashtamudi

Ashtamudi Lake

If you are thinking of relaxing and spending a lazy holiday in Kerala, Ashtamudi is the ideal place.

Because of its exquisite beauty, Ashtamudi is one of the charming tourist destinations in Kollam.


Most couples come here to take in the tranquil atmosphere of Kerala.

The picturesque city is home to several overwhelming attractions that you may visit, including Ashtamudi Lake.

You can indulge in traditional fishing with the fishermen, learn about cashew processing, and much more.

6. Explore the Munroe Island

Munroe Island

Munroe Island is a well-known destination for Kerala canal cruises. It is located 27 kilometers from Kollam at the confluence of Ashtamudi Lake and River Kallada.

You can explore the charm of canals, coconut plantations, lagoons, mangrove forests, and thatched houses.

The impeccable beauty of the islands makes it a perfect destination for lovebirds. Couples can soak in the peaceful ambiance, which makes their romantic moments more memorable. 

The scenic landscapes will surely enchant you with all the delights.

7. Rejuvenate yourself on the beaches of Kovalam

Kovalam Beach, Kerala

If you both love beaches, then the picturesque setting of the beaches in and around Kovalam is an ideal place to visit.


The allure of the long coastlines of Kovalam is an apt place to propose your love, witness sunrise and sunsets together, enjoy a laid-back lifestyle, and indulge in various thrilling water activities.

During the evening, you can stroll together to Lighthouse Beach and Samudra Beach and absorb the charm of watching the coastal sky together.

8. Enjoy a Malabar Cuisine at Khoizikhode

Calicut, commonly known as Kozhikode, is one of the busiest commercial hubs in Kerala. 

The area is well-known for its cuisine, educational institutions, historical landmarks, and culture. It is renowned for its genuine Malabar cuisine and the unusual spices that give the food its mouthwatering flavor.

If you both are foodies, don’t miss out on delicacies like Dum Biryani, Kallummakkaya, Chatti Pathiri, and Dal Halwa in Calicut. Relish the delectable food and enjoy the enticing views of nature as well.

9. Go for some thrills in Vagamon

You must schedule your trip to Vagamon if you want a unique and captivating vacation in Kerala.

This hideaway in the Idukki district is noted for its wholesome beauty, comfortable climate, and much more, which is the perfect setting for a romantic date.

It is one of Kerala’s most picturesque hill stations and less-trodden tourist locations.


Along with leisure travelers, a lot of thrill and adventure-seekers visit Vagamon.

So if you are both fond of trying new thrilling activities, this location is ideal for adventure sports like paragliding, mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking, and many others.

10. Explore the wildlife at Thekkady

Thekkady is the spot that usually wears the green veil of Mother Nature because of its incredible location. It has well-built connections to some of the top tourist destinations in Kerala!

Thekkady is well-known for being the home to many exotic wildlife species in their natural habitat.

Regarding wildlife species, Thekkady’s Periyar National Park will undoubtedly awe you with its wonderful assortment of inhabitants.

Couples can witness the nearly extinct species of animals, including tigers, sambars, gaurs, lion-tailed macaques, elephants, lions, deers, bison, boars, and the Great Indian tigers.

The path from Moozhiyar to Thekkady Gavi is one of the most famous trekking trails in South India.

You can spend time together through wildlife observation and boating. 

11. Seek blessings together at the temples of Thrissur

Temple in Kerala

If you love culture or are passionate about Kerala’s rich traditions, Thrissur should be at the top of your list of places to visit!

This city, also known as Trichur, was formerly the seat of the Kingdom of Cochin and is affectionately known as the “Cultural Capital of Kerala.”


With its surrounding religious sites and numerous ancient temples, Thrissur is a popular destination for Hindus.

Yes, this city serves as the location for the well-known “Temple Festival” or “Thrissur Pooram,” in which devotees take part from all over the world.

You can visit this holy place to seek blessings together from the almighty.

12. Propose your spouse at the picturesque waterfalls

There are many different types of waterfalls in Kerala that are incredibly attractive. 

The splashes of cool water, the milky white water cascading over the steep ledges of the rock, and the surrounding landscapes will attract your eyes, and you can feel a flowing love and romance around you.

Athirappilly Falls, Palaruvi, Meenmutti, and dozens of waterfalls are there, which are the perfect romantic spots to propose to your partner. 

If you’re considering a trip to Kerala, these stunning waterfalls are waiting for you, whether you intend to swim or gaze at them.

13. Plan a trip to the Spice capital of India

Malampuzha, a well-known village in Kerala’s Palakkad district, is the nation’s center for spices.

This famous tourist destination is surrounded by lush spice plantations and provides a soothing atmosphere where you can truly experience the essence of the state together.

Couples can click amazing selfies together in the backdrop of perfect sceneries.

These are some of the popular things couples can do in Kerala.

Landscapes, waterfalls, backwaters, and hill stations provide couples with everlasting memories and lingering excitement in their hearts.

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